Four Wings

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For iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®.

Your mission is to stay in formation!

Become the undefeatable Ace Wingman!

Compete with your friends and challenge the World!
Share your best times and show your skills by catching all stars.

Do you have what it takes to become the undefeatable wingman anytime?

✔ Challenge accepted!

Fly like a boss and see if you own the sky by sharing your scores on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Briefing & Support

Our goal is to get and keep you flying. Therefore we have bundled some frequently asked questions to get you airborne in an instant.

What is my mission?

Your mission is to stay in formation: Four other aircraft fly in close proximity to you while performing aerobatic maneuvers. As a wingman you need to fly like a boss to prevent collisions.

Try to keep the formation as long as possible to beat your and your friends time. Along the way, try to reach for the stars.

✔ Can you be a wingman anytime?

How can I steer my aircraft?

You can control your aircraft by tilting your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®.
It's simple:
✔ Your aircraft rotates left/right when you tilt in these directions.
✔ Your aircraft moves up/down when you tilt in these directions.

Mind you, you are flying an agile aerobatic aircraft. Fly and respond with both sensitive and aggressive control inputs.

What happens if I collide?

Every time you collide you'll lose a life. If you're out of lives you crash and your flight time will be logged.

Do not worry, you can earn and attain extra lives:
✔ When you beat your best time!
✔ For each 2 stars collected!
✔ By watching a tiny video.

Can I fly for free?

Absolutely! We give you wings without any costs. It's our passion to fly and we hope you keep us flying also by opting-in on watching our tiny videos to earn extra life and by sharing and rating to spread our wings.

✔ Your support is highly appreciated! ;)

What can I do with my stars?

As a great wingman being able to reach for the stars, we believe that it's up to you to decide what you can do with your stars. Therefore, throw us a suggestion by getting in touch at

✔ In addition, for each 2 stars you'll receive an extra life!

Need more help or do you have any suggestions?
Get in touch!

If you have any further questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.
We highly appreciate your feedback!

Contact us via e-mail at:

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